Tips to Improving Your Business Cash Flow

Running a small business can be a difficult task, it’s not easy switching between all of the hats you must wear as a small business owner. Many people choose to start a business because they are skilled at a specific task or service, but the actual logistics and accounting of keeping a business profitable and managing its cash-flow correctly can seem burdensome. Without the right business tools and strategy in place to keep your business’s financials on target, long-term growth and success can easily go astray.

Consolidate High-Interest Debt

Launching a business can be a harrowing venture and many startups choose to take on high cost debt to get their enterprise off the ground instead of affordable business startup financing like that offered by our recommended best business startup lender BHG Financial, or borrowing low-cost funds from friends and family.

This expensive short-term financing can be necessary to give your business a jumpstart, but unless revenue picks up quickly it can often sap cash-flow and thrust you deeper into the red then where you began. Consolidating expensive merchant cash advances, term loans, and startup financing, into a 10-year, low-rate, SBA 7(a) debt consolidation loan like those offered by SmartBiz, can give your business a cash-flow boost and set you on the path to long-term growth.

Leverage Low-Rate Revolving Credit

Credit lines help businesses manage cash-flow efficiently by offering a revolving credit facility, which allows businesses to borrow, repay, and reborrow as needed. This flexibility suits businesses with ongoing and fluctuating financial requirements. A credit line can also act as a financial safety net, ready to be utilized when necessary or when a business emergency arises. Business owners often make the mistake of wiping out their cash reserves to meet one-time or unexpected expenses, instead of utilizing a credit line to pay large expenses over-time without depleting capital.

Working with a best business credit line lender like Headway Capital can enable you to establish an affordable and accessible business credit line to use at your convenience. Headway’s primary financing product is a business line of credit called True Line of Credit™, that features longer payment terms, a flexible payment schedule, revolving credit, fast funding, and prepayment benefits.


Operating a business may have its challenges, but the right cash-flow management tools can help keep business owners focused on what they love to do best, and not pulling out hair trying to meet payroll or pay vendors. It’s important to read the most up-to-date business articles to know what government programs, financing products, or business services may be available to help your company not just stay in the game, but win it!

Interested in accessing affordable business financing to help manage your cash-flow? Contact our recommended best business lenders Headway CapitalBHG Financial, and SmartBiz.

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