Frequently Asked Questions

Do you verify the lenders featured on this site?

LendVer is an educational and informational site for business owners and investment property loan seekers. We have performed extensive research on the lenders featured on our site, and in some cases have directly gone through the lender’s loan process. However, the information we provide is general in nature and is not specific to you or your business. We are not acting as licensed professionals, making any verification of the lenders or providers listed on our site or guaranteeing the accuracy or completeness of the information we provide. We recommend you consult your licensed professionals and legal counsel before making any financial or legal decision that may affect you or your business.

Although we do our best to regularly update the information available on our website, from time-to-time it may be outdated or not align with the information listed on a lender’s site. Additionally, the company names, logos and trademarks referenced on our site belong to their respective owners and the information we provide is not on behalf of, in representation of, or as an agent of those lenders featured on our site. For more information please review our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

How do you support this site?

How a visitor to our site interacts with the reviews and articles about some of the lenders featured on our site may result in a fee paid to us by that lender. Our website is free to use and does not create any fee obligation from you to us under any circumstance. Even if you obtain financing from one of the lenders featured on our site you will never owe us a fee, and we may not receive a fee from that lender.

The lenders featured on our site are chosen based on merit and because we believe they are the best. We are not an advertising site and lenders do not, and cannot pay us to be listed on our site. Our site is user-friendly and free of disruptive pop-up ads and banner ads.

I have a question about a lender, who do I contact?

Since we are a business independent from those lenders featured on our site, we are not empowered to deal with customer service issues on behalf of them. Please address any questions or complaints directly with the lender. You are welcome to send feedback about one of the lenders featured on our site to support@lendver.com and we will take it into consideration when making future recommendations.

Why aren’t there more lenders on your site?

We are extremely selective about the lenders we choose to list on our site and are highly focused on recommending quality over quantity. Our lender review, research, and selection process is extensive, and we are committed to only featuring the absolute best lenders.

Can you help me with my loan?

LendVer is not a licensed loan intermediary so we cannot directly assist you in obtaining a loan. If you would like us to recommend one of the lenders or articles featured on our site, feel free to email support@lendver.com and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

How do I get my company featured on your site?

There is no cost for lenders to be listed on our website. However, we conduct an extensive research and review process for each of the firms we feature. We only consider direct lenders or innovative loan marketplaces that offer unique loan programs, provide exemplary customer service, have a flawless reputation, and ideally incorporate technology and automation into their loan process. We also prefer to feature firms that will be proactive about promoting their LendVer recognition to their database, network and on social media. We are not considering mortgage or loan brokers for placement on our site at this time; and are presently only entertaining firms focusing on business, investment residential and commercial real estate financing. If you feel your firm meets the above criteria please contact support@lendver.com for more information.