Congress to Vote on Stimulus Package Today
December 21, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – After months of excruciating waiting and weeks of agonizing negotiations, Congressional leadership has reached a deal on another stimulus package that will be voted on today, and is fully expected to pass. Democrats and Republicans finally came to a consensus yesterday on a roughly $900 billion relief [...]
Congress Gets Close to Finalizing Stimulus
December 18, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – Congressional members worked late into the day on Thursday to finalize the details of a $900 billion stimulus package. There is bipartisan support and a strong indication from party leaders that a relief package will be passed, but the realization is mounting that an additional government extension [...]
$600 Direct Stimulus Checks Included, Real Bipartisan Progress Made
December 17, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – A new stimulus bill hasn’t yet been finalized, but lawmakers have made the first real significant bipartisan progress in months. Yesterday, amid ongoing discussions and negotiations between legislators, a $900 billion relief bill that Democrats and Republicans appear to agree on, has taken shape. The two major [...]
New Stimulus Plan Released

New Stimulus Plan Released

December 15, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – A bipartisan group of Congressional members released an updated, two-part stimulus plan yesterday. The new proposal totaling $908 billion aims to separate the line items that Democrats and Republicans can agree on into one $748 billion bill, and contentious items into a separate $160 billion bill. both [...]
What the $908B Stimulus Plan Includes
December 7, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – The bipartisan, bicameral COVID-19 relief stimulus plan announced on December 1st, could be passed as early as December 11th as part of the federal budget that must be approved to avoid a government shutdown. Democratic and Republican leadership are working to finalize the framework of the relief [...]