Fundera Named the LendVer 2020 Best Small Business Loan Provider
WILTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 / — LendVer, the reputable database of vetted business and investment property lenders and providers has finalized its review process for the 2020 Best Small Business Loan Provider, and has selected New York, NY based Fundera. Fundera is a technology driven, small business financing marketplace that utilizes integrated loan [...]
Senate Fails to Pass PPP Extension
Image by Steve Johnson – October 21, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – The Senate voted on, and failed to pass a standalone relief package yesterday that included the extension and refunding of the Paycheck Protection Program. A procedural measure, with a vote of 40 to 57, tabled the bill for a future date. The [...]
Stimulus Update: Senate to Vote on Relief Bill Next Week
Image by Arnaud Jaegers – October 15, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has announced that Senate Republicans will vote on a slimmed-down coronavirus relief bill when the Senate returns from recess next week. The bill which could be as much as $500 billion, would include the extension of [...]
SBA Guidance Allows for Full Forgiveness of PPP Loans of $50,000 or Less
Image by Felix Koutchinski – October 13, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – The Small Business Administration in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury has issued new guidance stating that any small business that obtained a Paycheck Protection Program “PPP” loan of $50,000 or less, now has the potential to have that loan fully forgiven. The [...]
3 Tips to Saving Money During the Pandemic
Image by Michael Longmire – October 5, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff – There is no doubt that taking care of your health and staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is the most important thing. However, an unfortunate side affect of the current crisis has been its negative effect on the economy. Since the economy [...]