Exploring Creative Financing Options for Investment Properties

When it comes to financing investment properties, traditional lending options may not always be the best fit. Fortunately, there are alternative financing solutions available to savvy investors. Here’s a closer look at some creative options:

Seller Financing

Seller financing, also known as owner financing, involves the property seller acting as the lender. In this arrangement, the buyer makes payments directly to the seller, typically with agreed-upon terms and interest rates. Seller financing can offer below-market interest rates, repayment flexibility, and convenience for both parties, bypassing the more stringent requirements of traditional lenders. Seller financing usually becomes an option when a seller is motivated or there are conditions of a property that prevent it from being financed, but it is always worth considering this time and cost saving structure.

Private Money Loans

Private money loans, or hard money loans, are provided by private investors or lending companies. These loans are typically secured by the property itself, making them accessible to investors with less-than-perfect credit or unconventional financing needs. Private money loans often have shorter terms and higher interest rates but can be invaluable for investors looking to secure quick financing. There are many experienced lenders like KIAVI that offer private financing for investment property.

Credit Lines

A business credit line works differently from a traditional loan in that once approved, the funds are available for you to access when you need them. Applying for a business credit line may be the right move if you desire on-demand funds for property renovations, want cash-on-hand to quickly pull the trigger on an investment property purchase, or need to subsidize an investment property down payment with borrowed funds. There are several flexible and affordable business credit line lenders such as Headway Capital and OnDeck that may be able to assist you.


These creative financing options offer investors flexibility, agility, and access to capital that may not be available through traditional lending channels. By exploring alternative financing solutions, investors can supplement traditional loans and unlock new opportunities for investment success.

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