Alternative Financing Options:
Thinking Beyond Traditional Loans

Exploring alternative financing options beyond traditional loans can provide businesses with a streamlined, tech-powered financing solutions tailored to their company’s unique needs and circumstances. From equipment financing to revenue-based financing, understanding these alternatives can be instrumental in securing the necessary capital for growth when traditional financing may not be the best path.

1. Equipment Financing: Investing in Productivity

Equipment financing enables businesses to acquire essential machinery, vehicles, technology, and other critical and tangible business resources without a large out-of-pocket expenditure. By spreading the cost over time, businesses can preserve cash flow while acquiring the tools necessary to enhance productivity and efficiency. South End Capital, a nationwide, tech-enabled equipment lender offers low-rate equipment financing for new and used equipment and up to 100% of the purchase price.

2. Credit Lines: Preserving Cash Flow

A business credit line works differently from a traditional loan in that once approved, the funds are available to access only when needed. If a business desires working capital for future needs, wants cash-on-hand in the event of an emergency, need advertising funds or long-term expansion capital, then a business credit line may be the right option. Headway Capital is a direct business credit line lender and its True Line of Credit™ features longer payment terms, a flexible payment schedule, revolving credit, fast funding, and prepayment benefits.

3. Business Term Loans: Flexible Lump Sum Funding

When a one-time amount of capital is needed, business term loans are the standard solution. These loans provide a lump sum amount of funding that can be used for working capital, debt consolidation, or tackling urgent needs such as funding inventory or payroll. BHG Financial is a direct business term loan lender, has no set credit score minimum, offers affordable business term loans with a fixed repayment term up to 12 years, and funds can be received in as fast as 3 days.

4. Revenue-Based Financing: Aligning Capital with Revenue Streams

Revenue-based financing offers a unique approach where businesses repay funds based on a percentage of their monthly revenue. This option aligns repayment with cash flow, making it particularly suitable for businesses with fluctuating income streams or seasonal operations. Alternative, online lenders in the revenue-based financing space often employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), making the loan process much easier and faster for small businesses. OnDeck is an innovative and tech-powered direct alternative business lender that offers fast and easy revenue-based funding up to $250,000, their loan application is simple, and funds can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.


Exploring alternative financing options can offer businesses, especially those that are not eligible for traditional loans, fast, tech-supported access to capital tailored to their specific needs and financial circumstances. While each option comes with its pros and cons, understanding the nuances of alternative business financing enables businesses to make informed decisions to advance their growth and Borrow Confidently™.

Interested in accessing fast and affordable alternative business financing? Contact our recommended best business lenders South End Capital, Headway Capital, BHG Financial, and OnDeck.

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