Low Rate 30-Year Fixed Rental Financing

A competitive fix and flip industry and a low-inventory new home buyer market has forced many residential home investors to hold their property for rental income instead of selling. Finding fixed rate rental financing has historically not been difficult for conforming and non-conforming borrowers, but locating a 30-year fixed loan with a low interest rate has been tough.

When Plans Change

If it was your idea all along to fix up a single family home or apartment building and rent it out for long-term income, then you may be ahead of the game and have your financing lined up. However, if you’ve had to pivot your plan because you couldn’t sell your flip property for a profit (or at all), then locating the right loan product might be causing you to panic. Don’t worry, there is permanent, low rate financing available for borrowers with a variety of experience levels and credit scores.

Capitalize on Lower Rates Now

There will always be the chance to buy real estate at a dcount somewhere, fix it up, and sell it for a profit—but locking in a low, 30-year fixed interest rate for your rental property now, will pay off in spades down the road. Securing a low fixed interest rate will enable you to earn more income as rental prices increase over time, and pay less mortgage interest resulting in a greater profit when you do sell down the road.

Who’s Leading the Charge

The best investment residential property lender that we’ve located with the most favorable rates and longest term rental loan program is KIAVI. The firm’s rental loan is fixed for up to 30 years, and interest rates start at only 7.125%. Experienced or novice investors may be eligible for financing through KIAVI up $3 million. Up to 95% loan-to-cost (LTC) financing is available for purchase, refinance, or cash-out of investment residential 1 to 4 unit property (condominiums are also eligible) through their bridge program or up to 80% loan-to-value through their low-rate DSCR rental loan program. KIAVI also offers very competitive fix and flip, bridge loans, and renovation loans.


Fixing up and flipping an investment residential property is an appealing prospect, but in a crowded market, it’s smart to consider securing low interest rate 30-year fixed financing and generating rental income instead. Whether you are about to start your investment residential project or are looking for better financing for an existing project, KIAVI offers an affordable and well rounded suite of loan programs to meet your needs.

Interested in learning more about low interest rate, 30-year fixed rental financing for your investment residential property? Contact our recommended best investment residential property lender KIAVI.

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