Lender Reviews
2019 Best Best Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Lender: AMUSA Commercial Capital

AMUSA Commercial Capital

AMUSA Commercial Capital is a private lender that focuses on providing short-term, 1st mortgage loans secured by commercial real estate in 42 states (AMUSA does not currently lend in AK, HI, MI, NV, ND, SD, VT, WV and Cook County, IL). AMUSA lends to business owners and real estate investors only and does not make primary [...]
2019 Best Best Alternative Business Loan Marketplace: Strategic Capital

Strategic Capital

Strategic Capital is a technology driven, small business financing marketplace that utilizes integrated loan application software to quickly align borrowers with the best financing. Strategic Capital’s seasoned staff (most of its team has over 15 years experience in small business lending) applies a hands-on, concierge style approach to matching clients with the most favorable financing [...]
2019 Best Best Large Business Credit Line Lender: InterNex Capital

InterNex Capital

InterNex Capital is an asset based lender that provides revolving credit lines to businesses in order to solve their short-term working capital needs. InterNex is a balance sheet lender that uses integrated technology and credit scoring algorithms with select alternative data and industry analytics, to optimize underwriting and monitoring while enhancing credit performance. InterNex’s digital platform [...]
2019 Best Best Private Money Lender: Patch of Land

Patch of Land

From its website: As real estate markets continue to heat up, Patch of Land can help you take advantage of opportunities to invest in single family residential and commercial properties in as little as 7 days.Whether you’re rehabbing houses, duplexes or apartment buildings in an already flourishing neighborhood, looking to finance a stabilized rental property, [...]
2019 Best Best Business Working Capital Provider: SmartBiz


From its website: SmartBiz grew out of the 2008 financial crisis when the banks that were supposedly “too big to fail” were not equipped to provide the funding small businesses needed for growth. This left a funding gap of hundreds of billions of dollars which banks left on the side-lines, hampering small business from investing [...]