About Lendflow

Lendflow is an integrated software platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for any enterprise to incorporate an embedded lending program, and easily provide access to small business capital for its customer base. Lendflow’s scalable platform serves as a financing conduit for your small business clientele, and even allows subscribers to build a customized credit product utilizing the most cutting-edge, plug-and-play technology. Any company interested in offering small business financing can quickly and easily embed a turn-key lending infrastructure into its existing operation. Through a customizable and white-labeled experience, Lendflow provides direct access to its deep marketplace of tech-based lenders, a back office to handle processing from application to funding, and competitive revenue sharing on each funded loan.

Lendflow is headquartered in Austin, TX and through its proprietary software, and lender marketplace, has facilitated 5,000+ loans for its growing partner base. Lendflow offers innovative technology, but also touts its commitment to honesty, transparency, and fairness.

Contact Lendflow:

  • Visit Lendflow’s Website
  • 2222 Rio Grande St. Suite # 110, Austin, TX 78705

Lending Products

Lendflow enables companies of all sizes to quickly implement a custom-tailored capital solution to offer its clients or users a variety of small business financing options. Lendflow can provide powerful, free resources for loan brokers looking to quickly link into a loan marketplace, and flexible software for companies in the industries of construction, home services, ecommerce, hospitality, transportation, fitness, and everything in between.

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Lendflow’s software is easy to integrate and is completely customizable to match a company’s unique user-interface, branding, and website. Lendflow’s lending software will look and feel like an extension of a subscriber’s existing products, all without customers having to navigate away from its website.

Below are a few reasons why you would partner with Lendflow:

  • You have a customer base of business owners that have capital needs, and you would like to be able to offer them financing and earn additional revenue.
  • You run a vertically integrated SaaS company and are looking to implement a plug-and-play financing marketplace for your users, with little to no additional expense or staffing needs.
  • You are a finance professional looking to easily start your own branded loan marketplace or lending platform, without the hassle of raising capital or building expensive custom software.
  • You are already a lender, loan broker, or loan marketplace, but are looking to quickly expand your platform by adding additional sources of capital, real-time reporting, automation, credit application tools, and other resources.

The most ambitious software platforms are using embedded capital programs to acquire new customers, increase engagement, and generate incremental revenue.


Loan Types on Lendflow’s Platform

Partnering with Lendflow provides access to 65+ highly vetted lenders. PPP loans, business credit lines, term loans, invoice factoring, SBA financing, merchant cash advances, commercial real estate financing, and more will be available to your customer base through Lendflow’s marketplace. Lendflow is a technology company focused on automation, but it also has a seasoned staff of financial advisors who will work on your behalf to make sure your clients are aligned with the best possible financing, and given the highest level of customer service.

Subscribers can monitor their loan performance through a comprehensive Lendflow dashboard:

Subscription Options

Lendflow offers subscription options for companies of all sizes, beginning with its free and inclusive starter package. Operations with higher application volume, or that are seeking more robust tools, and increased revenue sharing percentages, can upgrade to a paid subscription.

Starter Package

Lendflow can accommodate the needs of any size enterprise and offers implementation assistance on all of its packages. Even if you are not a technology-savvy business owner, Lendflow’s team can help you integrate their software into your operation, simply and quickly.

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  • Lendflow’s free turnkey software enables any company to bring financing options to its small business customers for free, and through a simple implementation process.
  • Lendflow’s detailed reporting allows you to monitor your loan performance 24/7, identify trends, view earnings, and leverage comprehensive credit tools.
  • Lendflow has a vast network of highly vetted lenders, a large array of financing options, and seasoned financial advisors to help deliver the best possible financing and customer service to your clients.
  • Lendflow provides all the necessary lending software and financing options in one place, eliminating the time and expense of utilizing multiple services or contacting myriad lenders.


  • Although Lendflow offers a comprehensive free starter package, companies with higher application flow or that require complex credit tools, will have to purchase a paid subscription.
  • Lendflow does have dozens of lenders on its platform, but some more specialized commercial financing may not be available.

Why Lendflow is the Best

Lendflow is a trailblazer in the space of lending automation, enabling companies of any size and technological proficiency to offer financing options to their small business clients. Other loan marketplaces have significant barriers to access for smaller operations, and don’t offer the integrated and customizable tools that Lendflow does. Lendflow has also removed the prohibitive operational expense and undertaking required to start a lender or financing channel. Lendflow’s integrated technology, hands on approach to customer service, and commitment to honesty, transparency, and fairness, make it a clear leader in the fintech space.

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