About Become

Become is a technology driven, small business financing marketplace that utilizes integrated loan application software to quickly align borrowers with the best financing. Become’s technology fetches real-time, custom business financing offers from a variety of capital sources, enabling clients to compare tailored loan options and select the best fit for them. The application process is done entirely online, and customers can receive funding within 3 hours. Become operates its platform for businesses seeking financing in the United States and Australia, and the firm is the largest business loan marketplace in Australia. Become was founded in 2016 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record of establishing and running profitable and large-scale technology companies. Since its inception, Become has provided almost $200 million to small business owners, and maintains an excellent 4.8/5-Star TrustPilot rating.

Loan Programs

Since Become operates as a syndicated marketplace to match you with the correct financing for your business, there are multiple loan options available. Unsecured business loans, lines of credit, invoice factoring, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, commercial vehicle loans, equipment loans, start-up business loans, asset based loans, credit cards, and industry specific loans can all be obtained through Become. A large majority of the businesses Become serves are in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, trucking, transportation, professional services, or construction industries; but all for-profit businesses are eligible for financing.

Businesses that apply for funds using Become’s tailored funding solution are around 20% more likely to receive funding.


Using its proprietary technology, Become nurtures each business throughout the funding cycle. Business owners receive a unique financial profile called LendingScore™, where they can learn funding essentials to improve their funding odds, unlock new funding opportunities, and compare and claim their best possible funding solution. 

Program Highlights / Guidelines

Loan sizes from $5,000 to $500,000 (higher case-by-case)

  • Multiple business financing options are available including unsecured business loans, lines of credit, invoice factoring, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, commercial vehicle loans, equipment loans, start-up business loans, asset based loans, credit cards, industry specific loans and more
  • Funds can be used for any business need such as working capital, expansion, debt consolidation, equipment or inventory purchase, start up costs and more
  • Business loans from $5,000 to $500,000 are available
  • Loan costs vary based on product type
  • No minimum personal credit score requirement
  • Start-up business financing is available
  • Loan terms range from 3 months to 10 years
  • All for-profit industries in operation for 3 months with $10,000 of monthly revenue, or 6 months with $3,000 of monthly revenue are considered
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Security / Technology

Become takes your privacy and information security very seriously. You will note the lock icon to the left of its website URL indicating an encrypted website. Become uses advanced API technology to integrate with all of the capital sources on its platform. Utilizing API allows Become to deliver real-time loan offers to you in one easy to view format. Within Become’s marketplace borrowers can compare, reject, or select offers, and see the current status of their loan application. Additionally, Become’s back-end algorithms analyze each application to make sure only loan offers that are the best match for your business are provided.

Applying with Become is free, takes only a few minutes, and will not affect your credit score (the firm only pulls a “soft” report which does not register as a hard inquiry).

The Loan Process

LendVer did not shadow the application or loan process for Become but its website offers information about how to get started and applicants are encouraged to apply here. You can expect to provide the following documentation during the underwriting process:

  • Completed Become online application
  • 3 months business bank statements
  • Additional documentation may be required since Become works with over 50 lenders

Once you’ve completed Become’s quick online application and if you are eligible for financing, preliminary loan offers (which will include loan terms and rates) will be displayed in its marketplace. From there you can compare and choose your best loan offer and the lender will contact you directly to finalize the process. If you are ineligible for funding you’ll be redirected to Become’s LendingScore™ dashboard where you can get insight into qualification criteria, and receive step-by-step instructions on how to improve your funding odds. As soon as you become eligible for financing, Become will notify you of your funding options.


  • Since Become is a technology driven business loan marketplace, it can quickly match you with financing from one of its 50+ lenders, saving you time and money.
  • Become has a 4.8/5-Star TrustPilot rating, has funded almost $200 million to United States and Australian businesses, and is the largest business loan marketplace in Australia.
  • Start-up financing is available through Become, as is a variety of other financing for any for-profit business.
  • Because Become focuses on alternative business loans, a high percentage of applicants are approved. For those businesses that don’t qualify for funding, Become offers its proprietary LendingScore™ to assist with financing eligibility at a later date.
  • Through a fully automated process Become can provide multiple financing options in minutes, and funding in as fast as 3 hours.


  • Become serves mostly businesses that don’t qualify for conventional financing, so the firm is not likely the best fit for top tier borrowers.
  • Become’s funding is provided by third-party lenders, so it is not the direct decision maker when it comes to whether or not you are approved for financing.

Why Become is the Best

Become offers business financing through its technology driven marketplace from $5,000 to $500,000, making the firm a great fit for business owners with a wide range of capital needs. Become can save you significant time and money by quickly providing carefully curated financing options from a selection of its 50+ lenders, in one easy to view marketplace. Become offers business start-up financing and considers financing for any for-profit business. Applying for business financing with Become is free, takes only minutes, does not affect your credit score, and can deliver multiple pre-approved loan offers directly from industry leading business lenders.

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