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Updated: February 10, 2021 | By: LendVer Staff –

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic many regions have experienced resiliency and even growth of the housing market. City dwellers seeking a suburban refuge, buyers looking to take advantage of historically low interest rates, and low inventory resulting from homeowners wanting to stay put, have all contributed to high-demand and increasing prices in neighborhoods nationwide. Investment property lenders that have continued lending throughout the pandemic like San Francisco, CA based LendingHome, have been actively funding residential fix-and-flip and rental property loans at record low rates.

Good News on the Horizon

While it’s taken a while for many lenders to get back to somewhat normal underwriting guidelines, it’s understandable that lending during an unprecedented global crisis required an abundance of caution. However, with the housing market generally holding water and the potential for the coronavirus vaccine to take hold in a positive way, some investment residential real estate lenders are now offering record low interest rates. Affordable, and flexible fix-and-flip and rental property financing is as accessible as it once was, and some lenders have even resumed ground-up construction financing and portfolio loans.

Who’s Offering the Best Rates

LendingHome, America’s largest fix-and-flip lender has slashed its rates back to almost pre-COVID-19 levels, offering fix-and-flip and bridge loans starting at only 6.5%, and long-term rental property loans from as little as 4.95%. The experience of having funded in excess of $5 billion spread out over 23,000 transactions, has enabled LendingHome to stay in the market offering property investors aggressive and flexible financing terms. In addition to low rates, LendingHome also offers financing up to 90% of a property’s value, will finance up to 100% of a rehab budget, and offers loans fixed for 30 years.

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Patch of Land has funded over $725 million spread over 1,571 investment residential and commercial real estate loans, and is once again offering almost pre-COVID-19 level terms for loans from $75,000 to $6.25 million. Patch of Land offers fix-and-flip and bridge loans starting at 8.5%, long-term rental loans starting at 5.5%, and even ground-up construction financing starting at 9.25%. Patch of Land considers transactions nationwide, and will entertain borrowers with credit scores down to 600.

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It’s hopeful that once the coronavirus vaccine becomes widely available, that the economy may stabilize, and the housing market will continue to improve. For now, while investment property lenders are relaxing guidelines and lowering interest rates, property investors should secure affordable short and long-term financing from lenders like LendingHome and Patch of Land.

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