3 Tips to Saving Money During the Pandemic
Image by Michael Longmire

October 5, 2020 | By: LendVer Staff –

There is no doubt that taking care of your health and staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is the most important thing. However, an unfortunate side affect of the current crisis has been its negative effect on the economy. Since the economy began its downturn, most of us have been struggling to stretch every penny as far as it can go. The below tips (in addition to applying for a PPP loan) could not only help you save money now, but well into the future.

1) Negotiate Recurring Expenses

When times are good it’s easy to add on additional fixed expenses and upgraded services without even thinking twice about it. Some are essential utilities such as your internet or phone service, others you may have signed up for and completely forgotten about. The process of getting your service providers to lower your bills can be frustrating, take a lot of time, and not result in any savings. Using a no-risk third-party negotiator is a great way to lower subscriptions costs without the headache.

Billshark is backed by billionaire mogul and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, and since 2015 has saved its customers millions of dollars. There is no cost to use Billshark unless the company successfully obtains a cost savings for you (Billshark will charge a percentage of any cost savings it is able to obtain). This 30-second video quickly explains the benefits of using Billshark to negotiate your bills.

2) Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

If you’ve ever looked at your credit card bill and noticed a charge from a company or for a subscription that you forgot you signed up for, you are not alone. Millions of people regularly sign up for, and forget about subscriptions that can cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Some recurring subscription costs are so small that many people would rather continue to pay them, than expend the time and effort to call and cancel. Using a no-risk subscription cancellation service like Billshark makes it easy and painless to cancel unwanted or unnecessary subscriptions. Billshark only charges a flat $9 fee to cancel a subscription, which is a pittance to pay for even a $10 a month unwanted subscription (you’d save $111 over the year).

3) Lower Your Home or Auto Insurance Costs

Home and auto insurance rates are always changing and contacting multiple providers for quotes, or locating a good insurance agent can take a ton of time and effort. Using a free online comparison tool like the one offered by Billshark, will enable you to quickly input your home or auto insurance details and compare quotes from 30+ top-rated insurers. There is no cost to use Billshark’s insurance comparison tool, it is available for insurance quotes in all 50 states, and you can use it regularly to stay up-to-date on the best insurance prices.


When times are tough it’s easy to wonder how you are going to afford to keep the lights on and where your next dollar may be coming from. Tightening your belt by cancelling unnecessary subscriptions and negotiating prices on essential bills is the first place to start, and fortunately there are no-risk third-party services like Billshark to do it for you.